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Quality Downlight Installation Services in Melbourne

Mall Electric is a leading provider of downlight installation services in Melbourne. Founded in 2011, Mall Electric has extended downlight installation to thousands of Melbourne residents. Our technicians are highly qualified and certified in installing led light fittings on any property. We are also eligible to install lighting systems on commercial properties. We have installation experts who can help you choose LED lights that suit your needs.

Please get in touch with us today if you are looking for an installer who provides quick, high-quality service at affordable prices. We will be happy to discuss our services with you. As one of the most experienced LED downlight installers, we ensure that our technicians receive regular training. Hence, we remain up-to-date with the latest products and technology. We ensure we offer a high level of customer service throughout our services. So, our clients receive professional and friendly service at all times.

Downlight Installation Melbourne
Downlight Installation Melbourne

Get Exceptional Downlight Installation Services in Melbourne

We specialise in high-quality downlight installation. With raving 5-star reviews, we have built an outstanding reputation on integrity and fantastic customer rapport. As a result, we are relationship-focused, friendly, and helpful and cover the full scope of residential, commercial, and maintenance services. Mall Electric was founded to transcend the current standards. We guarantee that you will receive the necessary information to get you up and running as soon as possible.

We offer 24 hour emergency service and free quotes. Additionally, we put customer service at the forefront of everything we do. With over 15 years of industry experience to back our knowledge, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done safely and efficiently. Our expertise in the field is unmatched. So, don’t settle for less if you need a trustworthy team to install your downlights. Let Mall Electric do the work.

Why You Should Invest in Our Downlight Installation Services in Melbourne

LED downlight installation is a fantastic way to upgrade your home. We recommend them to our customers for several reasons. We’ve compiled a few reasons to help you purchase your downlights confidently. First, downlights offer powerful, bright lighting that can open up a space. Downlights are particularly effective because they’re not angled. So, the light spreads evenly throughout the room. Another major selling point is that LED lights don’t emit nearly as much heat as regular lights, which can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius. This inevitably reduces fire hazards as well.

LED lights are affordable to run and also require little to no maintenance. They have a long-life performance, approximately 50 times longer than a typical incandescent. This is roughly ten years’ worth of lighting. Our team can conduct an LED downlight installation for your Melbourne home at a highly competitive rate.

Downlight Installation Melbourne